Leonie Hope

Below are samples of different content I have created. I am passionate about learning, personal development, and finding a fresh angle to bring stories to life.

I love reading, researching and writing about business; psychology and mindset; dating and relationships; branding and digital marketing; social media; writing, editing, and publishing books; spirituality; health and wellbeing; personal growth; and creativity.

In my free time, I enjoy walking, zumba, body pump, yoga, and volunteering. I am also an avid crime fiction reader who has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

I’m Part Of The ‘Graduating Class Of COVID.’ This Is What Sets Us Apart.

My courses were completely online in the first year, including orientation week. Presenters spoke about how they met their future partners or made lifelong friends during their time in college. I couldn’t even see my classmates’ profile pictures. We had to keep the cameras off in our Zoom sessions to stop the screen from freezing. Most of the time I was staring at gray boxes.

I expected lively debates that would spark ideas and strengthen or change my viewpoint. It’s hard to have a spirited dis

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